Since 2014, Shannon has been creating original designs for party invitations and decorations, eventually expanding to other items. Originally only available on Etsy, the shop expanded to this website to be able to list more products without being subject to Etsy’s fees and lack of special tools. All the items on this site are digital downloads, which saves you money by not paying for excessive printing fees or shipping fees and it allows you have have it immediately.

With a lifetime passion for art, Shannon studied oil painting and web design in college. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in studio art, she worked for a large corporation. She was engaged to Cameron in 2011 and spent a great deal of time making things for her wedding and for all her friends who were getting married in the years that followed. After plenty of “you should sell this” comments from friends, she started an Etsy shop and sold her first products in late 2012. Although it started as a hobby and way to make extra “Starbucks money,” the business grew and became profitable enough to quit her day job.

Many of the designs you see on this shop are inspired by requests and ideas from Shannon’s friends and family. Whenever someone gets engaged or pregnant, she helps make the wedding or shower invitations and all of the matching items. Some of the designs were once custom ordered items that turned out so great, she was able to list them to be sold over and over again. If you’re looking for a custom item, don’t hesitate to send a message with your requests through the contact form.